Implants and Crowns

Implants and Crowns

In case you are missing a tooth or wish to fix and protect some weak teeth, here come we with best solutions.






In case your are missing a tooth, you can get a quality American implant for a reasonable price from the only provider of this American system in Estonia. The system is minimally-invasive, which mean almost no pain, no need for big operations, and less cost than other classical systems.



Implant (root): 650 €


After 3-6 months:

The abutment (connect implant to crown): 250 €

Porcelain-fused to metal crown (for back teeth): 400 €

Full porcelain crown (for front teeth): 500 €/tooth


Porcelain crowns

Hide all the defects and strengthen your tooth.


Porcelain-fused to metal: 400 €/tooth.

Full porcelain: 450 €/tooth.

Price is including impressions and cementing the crown.

Porcelain Veneers


For totally new facade of your front teeth with deep discolouration or huge fillings.


Price: 400 €/tooth


Alternative solution is the composite-veneer (one visit) which cost 100 €.

General prices:


Consultation: 45 € (25 min).

E-consultation (with email): 35 € - 15 min. (payment through PayPal / Bank transfer).

Sunday visit: 50 € extra/visit.

Absence from an appointment: 25 €.




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